Sourdough Pizza (Dough)

by Patrick Barabe

This was adapted from a couple of different sources (see below).

Prep time: 24ish hours.

Note: I often halve this recipe to make just 2 pizzas because I'm not that much of a pig.

Also Note: It's pretty helpful to have a kitchen scale for this recipe.
Get one, they're not expensive.
It'll make you happy.

Also Also Note: I often use a mix of 3 parts all-purpose to 2 parts bread flour, but you can use just one or the other.
You may find you need a little extra water if you use only bread flour.
If you have no semolina, just use an additional 50g of whatever flour you have handy.


Step 1: Mix & Ferment

Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl. Add sourdough starter and water.
Loosely fold everything together until no dry flour is left unmixed.
Cover with a damp tea towel or parchment and refrigerate for 20 - 24 hours.
Don't worry, it'll still be there tomorrow.

Step 2: Fold & Rest

Dust countertop with flour and turn dough out onto it.
Lightly fold dough 8 to 10 times and shape into a smooth ball.
Clean and dry the mixing bowl, then coat the inside with the olive oil.
Put dough ball back into the bowl and turn until it's thoroughly coated in oil.
Cover and refrigerate for 5 - 7 hours.
Yes, just leave it, it'll be OK.

Step 2: Split & Ball

Divide into portions about 200g or 250g each.
How big just depends on how big a pizza you want.
Lightly dust a baking sheet with flour.
Roll each portion of dough into a ball and place on baking sheet.

Lightly dust each with flour.
Prove 1 - 1.5 hours at room temperature.

If desired, lightly baste dough balls with olive oil, place in plastic bags.
Refrigerate for 2 - 3 days, or freeze for a long time.

Step 3: Make & Bake

Gently stretch balls into pizza shape.
Add toppings (see below).
Bake at very high heat until crust is golden brown and slightly charred on the edges and bottom.
It can be helpful to sprinkle corn meal or coarse semolina on your peal or baking surface to prevent sticking.

Toppings That Work

White Sauce

I much prefer a white sauce to more traditional red sauces.
My white sauce is just a thin layer of olive oil, flavored with herbs.

Steep in your favorite olive oil:

Salami & Shrooms

Arugula & Shrooms

For extra flavor, sautee mushrooms in a bit of white sauce before adding.
For a meat option, replace mushrooms with prosciutto.

Herbs & Sun-dried Tomatoes


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